Our current driving programs include:

Arrive ’N Drive everything you need for a hassle-free experience — helmet, race car, classroom training, and an experienced instructor.

High Performance Driver Education (HPDE) classroom and race track sessions with an instructor to get you “up to speed” safely.

Open Track Lapping at Palmer Series (OT LAPS) lapping events in a condensed 1/2 day format.

Lapping Days full day or half day options.

Ride-Along Program a joy ride at speed.

Corporate Programs host or sponsor your own event.

Arrive and Drive

The Arrive & Drive Experience puts you in the drivers seat for a “wind in your hair” experience in a real race car (yes, you will be wearing a helmet).

Arrive & Drive Overview

After receiving classroom instruction you will be belted into a race car with an instructor for your first on-track driving session. All cars come equipped with track safety gear and racing tires and brakes. Most vehicles have manual gearboxes but automatic transmissions are available. Additional classroom and on-track driving sessions are provided for the half-day and full-day participants.

Driver Requirements

The Arrive & Drive Experience is offered to anyone 16 or older with a valid drivers license. The ability to use a manual transmission is expected and sensible clothing (closed toe shoes, shirt, pants) required.

Arrive & Drive Purchase Options

You may get a Gift Voucher or browse the Calendar or pick any date shown. Arrive & Drive options are: single-session ($399), half-day ($649) or full-day ($995).

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Driving Programs at Palmer
Palmer Motorsports Park Arrive and Drive

High Performance Driver’s Ed

“Up-To-Speed” High Performance Driver’s Ed (HPDE) will teach you performance driving skills and make you a better, safer, and faster driver — guaranteed.

Our HPDE school is a one-day program consisting of classroom and on-track sessions with an experienced instructor who “rides shotgun” with you.


To attend, you must be 16 years with a valid drivers license. You also need a car and helmet, or you may rent a car or helmet.

How to Attend or Purchase

You may attend an HPDE School via a Gift Voucher or by picking a date:

Student Fee: $495

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Trial Membership at Palmer Motorsports Club

An HPDE school teaches basic skills for driving safely at speed on a race track. Skills acquired on the race track carry over to whenever you get behind the wheel.

You attend classroom sessions and on-track sessions. In the classroom, you learn performance driving concepts and race track procedures: safety flags and lights, the “racing line,” and most importantly, car control. On the race track, you practice performance skills — cornering, accelerating, braking, balancing your car, and situational awareness — with coaching from an experienced instructor.

Novice students learn basic performance driving skills while more experienced students can work on skills such as trail braking, throttle steering, tire management and slip angles. After completing our HPDE School you may attend Open Lapping or another HPDE for advanced instruction.

Note: An HPDE School is a driving school, not a racing school.

Open Track Laps

Open Track Laps at Palmer Series (OT LAPS) is half-day program with drivers grouped by experience (novice, experienced, advanced)

OT LAPS provides three (3) track sessions to each driver. The novice group always runs separately from the other groups.

For novice group drivers, driving coaches focus on the basics. Classroom sessions introduce the basics for driving at speed on a race track:

    »   Track safety: Use of flags, pitting in/out, passing and point-by signaling.
    »   Vehicle dynamics: Traction limits, weight transfer, friction circle physics.
    »   Threshold braking and cornering at speed.
    »   Consistency, car placement, visual focus.
    »   What to do in a spin, reacting at speed.

Driving instructors are available on a per-session, per-request basis.

Experienced & advanced drivers can expect 3+ sessions and 60+ minutes on track.

Novice drivers should reviewHPDE school requirements and experienced drivers should know lapping day requirements. For questions, Contact Us.

Driver Fee:  $195

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Open Track Lapping at Palmer

Lapping Days

Palmer Motorsports Park offers distinct lapping day programs:

  »  Open Track Lapping at Palmer Series (OT LAPS)  – for all drivers.
  »  Lapping Days – for experienced drivers in street or track-only cars.
  »  Restricted Lapping (Test/Tune) – for competition-licensed drivers.
  »  Exclusive Member Days – Track days for Club Members only.

For further information you may EMAIL US or view theCALENDAR.

Pricing:  Half Day $295, Full Day $395

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Membership Test Drive

If you are interested in joining Palmer Motorsports Club, the best way to find out is to actually experience it.  You can now sign up to TEST-DRIVE membership.  This will allow you to come drive the track in your own car and explore the facility during up to four (4) member days.

Your TEST-DRIVE will include a full day of driving during member days of your choice. We will also give you a tour of the track and facility, talk cars with other members see what a typical day is like.  The cost of our TEST-DRIVE program is $500 per day ($2k total) and will be applied towards membership, should you decide to become a full member after experiencing it.

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