The Membership Experience

No Speed Limits

Membership at Palmer Motorsports Park offers you the opportunity to drive your car the way it was designed, out on the open road without traffic, potholes, and speed restrictions. Being a member combines the fun of track days with the convenience and experience of a members club. Membership is the best way to enjoy hours of track time with other car nuts on the most exciting new track in the country. Ideal for both first time track drivers and experienced pro’s.

Members have access to 100+ driving days per season late March through November.  Enthusiasts are now welcome to take a “test drive” or apply for membership.

Membership Options

01. Club Days Every Week

Club members have access to private days each week that are closed to all other drivers and allow open track access throughout the day or evening.  Don’t wait for the next day that lines up with your schedule.

02. Member Events

Camaraderie is important among members.  We routinely have member get togethers for dinner off track, and also special evening events at the track.  One of the most popular is Lobsters & Lapping, an annual tradition.

Corvette at Palmer Motorports Park

03. Easy Access

Only 70 miles west of Boston, PMP give drivers from MA, CT, NY, NH, & RI for easy access from major highways. As the first true road course in Massachusetts, PMP was created for driver training, testing, and events.

“I love Palmer Motorsports Park!! As a former driver and owner of championship professional racing teams, I have raced on almost every track in North America, and I can assure you that Palmer is one of the most, if not the most, challenging tracks there is. I can learn most tracks in just a few laps, but this one is going to require several days! The construction of the track is world class, and being basically carved out of rock, the incredibly smooth surface will surely remain for many seasons. The design is brilliant and can be used in counterclockwise and clockwise formats, providing two complete different layouts and experiences. The management really deserves credit for bringing the track to this area and giving the local economy a needed boost. Overall, it’s a great track with breath taking views, and every enthusiast needs to visit this facility.”

– Kim Baker (

Trial Membership at Palmer Motorsports Club

Where are we located?

58 W Ware Rd, Palmer MA 01069

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2024 Member’s Club

We look forward to our Member’s Club season and the amenities offered to members and guests. Our members have a diverse mix of driving backgrounds and business lives, but all share a common love of driving.  The only question is.