Being a member at Palmer Motorsports Park (PMP) combines the fun of track days with the exclusivity, convenience, and experience of a members club. Membership is the best way to enjoy hours of track time with other car nuts on the most exciting new track in the country.

Escape the hassle of busy track day events, and enjoy the track as your own.

Only 70 miles west of Boston, PMP is located for easy access from MA, CT, NY, NH, & RI. As the first true road course in Massachusetts, PMP was created for driver training, testing, and competitive events. Members receive priority access to future on site facilities including garages and villas.

the adrenaline
lifelong friends
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There is nothing better than spending time with family and friends at the track. Join other car enthusiasts to experience the race track in a non-traditional way.


Membership provides an exciting alternative to the golf course country club. Enjoy quality time with clients and business partners while building memories that forever.


The best way to improve your driving skill level is through a combination of practice and professional coaching.  Membership at Palmer Motorsports Park provides the opportunity to learn in a controlled and more relaxed environment than a typical track day.

Take advantage of the hours of track time available to practice and hone your skills. PMP is a challenging track that will take years to completely master. Driver Coaching is available for members and guests of all experience levels.  Whether you have never been on a track before, or you are a seasoned track veteran, Membership affords you the opportunity to get to the next level.


100+ full driving days available in 2018 season – typically April-November
Evening hour access on select days from approx. 5:30pm until sunset
Weekend full day access occasionally throughout the season.
Access to hospitality facilities and garages on member days
Driving guest privileges
Non-driving guests privileges
Access to professional driving instruction services
Real estate opportunities including garages and villas available
Various on-site social activities
Preferred parking for public events


Memberships have a 5 year to lifetime term and renew each year
Members may resign or transfer their membership
The Corporate Membership may name up to four (4) individuals as members
Driving and non-driving guests must be accompanied by a host Member
Driving guests are limited to twice per year
Priority for garages, villas, real estate offerings, events, instruction and activities with limited access will be based on Membership level and join date
Driving guest passes (amount included varies based on member level)
Non-driving guests passes (included)
Professional driving instruction (available on an hourly basis)
Attendance may be limited per day based on Member level.


Includes driving privileges with limited number of dates and amenities


Lifetime Membership term
Up to 10 Track Days per season
Limited Guest Privilages
Advanced RSVP required
Driving access during select Car Club events
$3,000 Annual Dues


Enjoy unlimited and priority access to Membership dates, amenities, garages, and investments


Lifetime Membership term
30 Member days per season
Unlimited Evening hour driving access
Driving access during select Car Club events
Priority access to garages, villas, real estate, instruction, and events
Priority access to limited attendance days
$4,000 Annual Dues


Join as a group and enjoy priority unlimited access with all your friends and colleagues


Premium Membership for up to 4 people
Lifetime Membership term
30 Member Track days & Evenings PP
Driving access during select Car Club events
Priority access to garages, villas, real estate, instruction, and events
Priority access to limited attendance days
$14,000 Annual Dues


What is the membership term?

Founding Membership is a lifetime term which renews automatically each year.  Members may resign or transfer their membership at any time.

How many driving days are available per year?

In 2018, we have a calendar of 90, yes 90 available days on the calendar for members.  Click Here To See The Calendar

There will also be access on some evenings Friday and Saturday until sunset.

Do I need a racing license?

No prior driving experience is necessary.  Instructors are available to work with drivers of all skill level.

What can I drive on track?

Members can drive any vehicle as long as it passes a safety inspection. Dedicated track cars are not required.  Most members will be driving street cars such as Porsche, BMW, Ferrari, Lotus, Mazda, and many others.  Open top cars must have suitable roll bars. Club vehicles are available to rent per day for those that do not have their own car yet.

How is a member day structured?

Track access on member days will vary based on the number and experience level of the members attending.  The track may be open track on some days and broken into 2-3 sessions based on driver skill level for safety.  On occasion, there may be an open lapping day or driving school operating opposite member sessions.

What happens if it rains?

Track days usually run rain or shine, however there are many days available each month for members so if you do not want to run in the rain, you won’t feel pressured to do so like you would in an HPDE event.

Why join as a member?

Membership allows for more open access and flexibility that an HPDE or typical track day.  As a member you have access to more days at Palmer than any single car club.  On member days, track time is practically unlimited in either an open track format or with 2-3 rotating sessions.  A typical car club day is broken up into 4 x 20-25 minute sessions many times, with full run groups that can make it almost impossible to get a clean lap.

Amenities such as garage access, preferred parking, future clubhouse and bathrooms will make the experience at the track more pleasant and relaxing.

Can I try it as a guest?

Yes, we offer a day pass on select member days for non-members to drive.  Please contact us to learn more.

Is it an equity membership?

No, the current membership offering does not include equity. However, equity options may be available.  Please contact us to learn more.

Can I bring guests?

Driving and non-driving guests are allowed.  All guests must sign a waiver and wear the proper safety gear. All drivers must be approved to have guests in the vehicle.

Guest drivers limited to driving on member days up to twice per year.

Premium level members have priority for dates where guests are limited.

What if a Standard Member wants to drive additional days?

Beyond 10 member track days per year, Standard level members are welcome to join lapping days or HPDE events but must pay the additional entry fees associated.

Can I join as a motorcycle member?

At the current time, membership is only being offered for cars.

What is HPDE?

Known as High Performance Driving Education/Events. These events are held by a variety of car clubs where participants include both students and instructors. Students are grouped according to their ability and experience, novice, intermediate, advanced and instructor. Track time is usually split between these into 3 or 4 20-25 minute sessions that each driver level is limited to.  Classroom instruction fill some of the down time between sessions.

HPDE events are not racing. Cars on-track must follow strict rules set by each club which minimize the likelihood of on track incidents. Passing is usually only allowed within designated “passing zones”, and then only with clear hand signals and instructor confirmation.

A very popular and inexpensive way to start track driving but your track time is limited and many times crowded.


To inquire about Membership, please fill in the form below and a representative from our team will get in touch with you shortly.
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